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Professional Development Portfolio
Goal Achievement Plan
This week, you will complete the final Assignment in this module for your Professional Development Portfolio. For this module, you will synthesise the previous PDP Assignments, taking into account feedback you have received from your Instructor into a Goal Achievement Plan for your career development. Your PDP will be a document you will regularly revisit throughout your programme; be sure to keep it in an accessible place so you can update it with new goals, reflections on your learning, and plans for further study, development and research.
To prepare for this Assignment:
• Review the Goal Achievement Plan template in this week’s Required Learning Resources
• Review your previous PDP Assignments from this module – your mission, vision and goals (Week 4) and your SWOT analysis (Week 8)
• Review the feedback from your instructor for each of your previous assignments and consider revisions to goals as a result of that feedback
• Identify 3 goals related to your career development and think about how you wish to go about achieving each of those goals
This assignment is graded. See the rubric for specific grading criteria.
To access full instructions and the submission link, click on Personal Development Portfolio in the module navigation menu, and click the “Week 12 Personal Development Portfolio” folder.
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