primary stakeholders

primary stakeholders

Consider the rich picture presented in this week’s media resource. Are there biases or concerns that you had not considered?
My Rich Picture shows the following:
What is your professional practice?
Who are the primary stakeholders and what are their questions, concerns and biases?
Myself in the picture:
What assumptions others or I make about my environment? How do these reflect a bias or, my subjectivity?
Few strategic questions:
•    What are the criteria for choosing new consultancy firm? Price? Performance? Political reason? Or any combination these factors?
•    What is the future of the consultancy eco-system? Most of the consultancy companies establish decades ago. Is there structure is the right one? The dilemma is that most of the

successful consultancy firms are 50 years old and still organize very similar. On the other hand 30 years ago, Strenski (1983) claimed that the consultant that will survive is the one that initiate

and not the one that react.
•    Does the technology development add/subtract to the way we should organize? Is the big data a treat or opportunity?
What implications are there for my current practice? What are the consequences for not taking action on this issue or issues?
What [about my environment or this issue] do I need to understand more about through research?
How will I review my findings from action and research? How will I review my learning?
Analyse the article you selected for the following aspects of scholarly argument and academic originality:
The article I choose is: Stakeholder voices through rich pictures.
How clear is the argument? How is it organised?
The argument of the article is how to use rich picture use in order to gain stakeholders input related to the picture. In fact it is a description of a PhD study that shows part of the process of

rich picture creation with stakeholders and how it improves the process. In between it explains what is SSM which not with the flow of the article.
How does the author present his or her original ideas to the reader?
They build it stage by stage; establish the idea on outside resources and scholars.
How and where does the author incorporate outside evidence?
At some parts of the article it similar to case study. They used other articles to establish the idea. Second chapter describes the SSM and rich pictures as methodologies. Then used the real rich

picture from the project to show what they create. They didn’t use all of the pictures that were created at the project but
How does the author use citing, referencing, quoting and paraphrasing in the article?
Mostly they citing out and paraphrasing but hardly quoting.
How do you know this article is peer-reviewed and generally acceptable for citing and referencing in university work?