Postpartum depression Custom Essay

Introduction -Statement of Problem -Literature Review III. Methodology.IV. Findings and data analysis V. Summary/Conclusion Abstract: Postpartum depression refers to some unexplained feeling of sadness experienced by some mothers after giving birth. A mother may feel lonely, annoyed, and afraid. She can also develop a dislike for her baby. These feelings form the basis of this analysis. In essence, the paper will seek to establish why they occur, their possible causes, symptoms, their effects and possible treatment, if any. The first part will present a psychological literature relating to postpartum depression, analyzing at least 7 articles on this subject. The second section will explore the methodology to deploy for this research and materials needed. The final section explores findings and conclusions thereof. 1.0 Introduction: 1.0.1Statement of Problem: What is postpartum depression? What are the causes of this condition? Is it easy or difficult to diagnose? Is it treatable? What are the available remedies for postpartum depression and what effects does it pose to women and families involved? Does postpartum depression affect a mother’s long term role attainment?