Philosophy ethics

Philosophy ethics
Project description

? Choose a relevant, modern, ethical issue and complete the following: thoroughly research all aspects of the issue from the major points of view and present the findings.

? The project will contain the information listed below:

1. Identify the problem. (Define the ethical issue as a question, i.e. Is ________ ethical?)
2. Clarify Concepts. (Define key terms, the context in which these terms are being used, limitations to the ethical discussion, etc.)
3. Identify possible solutions. (What are the main positions taken on the issue that answer the ethical question—yes it is always ethical, no it is never ethical and it could be ethical if… are a good way to handle this section.)
4. Gather information. (Descriptive ethics. What is known and what is actual practice?)
5. Examine assumptions and points of view. (Why do individuals hold to their particular solution? What foundational beliefs do they hold?)
6. Moral Reasoning/Philosophy. (In your opinion which solution is most ethical?)
7. Consequences (What would be the results of the your solution? What are the social responsibilities connected to the solution?)

? The project will be completed as a 7-9 minute power point presentation containing 15-20 slides—corresponding to the information listed above. A complete draft of the power point (Suggestion: worth 100 points)
? The project must contain a reference slide with a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources (textbooks, journal articles, newspapers, and credible websites). (Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source)