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My name is sumar  originally from Hong Kong. I have lived and studied in the United States for five years now. I would like to transfer to the University of California. My major is in managerial economics, a field I have pursued with great enthusiasm and passion. My interest in managerial economics started earlier on during my study years in high school and consequently I considered a career in this field. The advent of my interest in managerial economics was during a summer holiday during my high school education life when I met and talked to a passionate professional in the field. From the conversation, I was able to gain invaluable insight into the field and realize that my passion also lied there. Earlier on, my desire was to undertake a career in any business related course since I have always been passionate about the functioning of markets and economies.

I have had good and consistent academic performance since high school and I only hope to uphold the performance upon admission at the university. I am particularly a keen and fast learner with curiosity to learn new things. The skills and experience that I have acquired so far have not only equipped me for the degree program at the university but have also helped me realize my academic strengths and weaknesses. The experience especially during the internship I had last summer enabled me to put in perspective the lessons learnt in class and how they relate to the real world situations. During the internship, I had a chance to be part of team that investigated and wrote comprehensive reports on the economic challenges brought about by the economic recession and their possible impacts on the organization. This helped in improving my analytical and reporting skills and improved my confidence in handling real economic issues affecting organizations.

I became interested to study at the University of California about a year ago after learning about its excellent faculty and modern learning facilities spread across all of its campuses. My interest further enabled me to find out about its approach on practical skills in its educational programs. With this information, I have further held conversations with several alumni who deepened my interest to transfer to the university. I am also aware that in addition to the learning facilities, the university offers adequate support to various extracurricular activities and social events. Being an open minded person who is ready to continue improving myself through embracing challenges and learning better ways of living, I stand a great chance to benefit from the academic program at the university and consequently be in the next pool of global first rate economists.

Apart from the academic and professional experience, I delight in interacting with people of diverse backgrounds which gives me an opportunity to learn about their culture and unique ways of life. Being an international student and having attended a cosmopolitan school for my high school education, I had the chance to interact with students from various backgrounds and it is my wish to get into the University of California to advance my social knowledge and experience in cultural matters of various people from around the world. I have furthered this by reading widely on the cultural compositions of various people from different parts of the United States and the world, and making friends from places I only know about from literary works will contribute a lot to my great experience at the university.

In addition to my passion in cultural matters, I held leadership positions in various student organizations and groups during my high school years. In several occasions, I was able to successfully coordinate and guide group meetings and discussions; a factor that assisted in creating good working relationships with other group members. Using insight I had previously gained into varied approaches taken by different students in various learning activities, I was able to realize and suggest suitable roles for each of the group members which enabled most of the groups in which I participated to emerge victorious over others in class assignments and presentations. I also participated in various leadership training programs and would like to practice my leadership skills and learn even more at the university.

Moreover, I am a talented sportsman having participated in various sporting events including athletics, martial arts, swimming and baseball. My passion in sports goes back to my childhood days and I have never lost even a small bit of it. In addition, I am a social person with an easy personality which has enabled me to cope with different persons in different areas and activities. I have also volunteered for several community programs an example of which I volunteered as a swimming instructor for less fortunate children, a program that ended successfully. Finally, I would like to reiterate my intention to undertake both my graduate and post graduate studies at the University of California in order to realize my academic dreams. I look forward to getting admitted.

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