Personal Health Newsletter

Create a Personal Health Resource Guide and Newsletter for in-service New York City Public School teachers (the subject areas should focus on bullying and body image). This newsletter and guide will provide information on a common behavioral or psychological problem encounted in classroom setting. The resources included should provide practical information on identifying, managing, or resolving the problem.
The Personal Health Resource Guide and Newsletter should provide at least five resources about a specific behavioral or psychological problem. Examples: Suicide, Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.

Include headers to identify each resource
Describe each resource as follows:
– The natuer of the resource (e.g., book, website, mental health professional)
– The target age groups
– How to access the resources (e.g. website URL, publisher of book, hotline number)
-What the resource provides (e.g. information describing the problem, practical assistance, adivce, suggestions for intervention, links to additional resources).