Networking Technologies

You need to write a research paper or study report. Your goal is to gain a deeper understanding of a
particular topic that interests you. At the same time you will practice your skills at independent research and
writing a technical paper. The paper will count for 40% of your grade for the course.
Your paper/ report should be approximately 20 pages long including pictures, diagrams, bibliography, and
appendices if necessary. Research papers should reference at least six technical articles or books, at least two
of which were published within the last two years, and at least one relevant RFC. Study reports may have
fewer references but should document your own study procedures and analysis. References must include
material technical journals, trade magazines or books; some suggested sources are listed below. You can also
have references from Internet sources (e.g. Wikipedia) or newsletters, but these should not be the bulk of
your references.
You must submit a project proposal (not graded) by June 12. If you have any concerns about your choice of
topic, please discuss it with me either before or after class on June 5, or by phone or email prior to June 12.
The project proposal should be a brief (as little as one page) summary of your intended project.
The completed paper is due before the start of our last class on July 3.
Possible topics for your project include, but are not limited to:

0 Wireless communications (WiFi and Cellular) technologies

0 Satellite technology for data communications

0 Explore SSH, what it can do, why it is better than Telnet or FTP

0 Compare state-of-the-art high speed intelligent modem to cable modem in networking technologies and


0 Fiber optic technologies and multimedia data communications

0 Waveform digitization and audio /Video compression techniques for multimedia communications

0 Voice over IP (VoIP)

0 Broadband technologies and multimedia applications

0 T1 / T3 / SONET technology for data communications

0 Compare XDSL to cable modem in technologies and applications

0 Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet history and technology

0 A topic of your own selection (may be related to your work)
Some good reference sources for your project paper:

0 IEEE’s technical journals: IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Network (technical journal), IEEE

Spectrum, IEEE Transactions on Communications

0 Computer Communications (technical journal)

0 Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (technical journal)

0 Bell System Technical journal

0 Lightware, The journal of Fiber Optics (technical journal)

0 Data Communications (trade magazine – O.K. for technical reference);

0 Telecommunications (trade magazine – O.K. for technical reference);

0 Byte (trade magazine – O.K. for technical reference);

0 Embedded Systems (trade magazine – O.K. for technical reference);