Missing Women

After review of the film, “Finding Dawn” based on the materials in “Pursuing Justice,” and class discussions,

answer the following questions:

1. Which theoretical perspective best explains the underlying issues behind missing women in Canada?
2. Illustrate the theoretical perspective using the facts you have learned about the missing women in Canada

Go back into the materials in chapter 2 and specifically the chart outlining the theoretical approaches. On each of the entries on the Chart, describe how the information you have learned through reading the course materials and watching “Finding Dawn” illustrate the points on the chart. Think about the materials which further describe the theoretical perspective; is there any other parallels that you can see between what is being described in the theory and the area of missing aboriginal women in Canada?

Once you have done this, write out as succinctly as possible how the facts surrounding missing aboriginal women illustrate and prove the theoretical perspective you have selected utilizing the topics in the chart and in the description of the theory in chapter 2 as elements to be covered.

3. Explain how democratic racism in Canada contributes to the issue of missing aboriginal women
You will find democratic racism in chapter 5 of the “Pursuing Justice”. Once you are comfortable with what democratic racism is, think about democratic racism in relation specifically to missing aboriginal women. Then, answer the question of how democratic racism contributes to the issue of missing aboriginal women.