Mentoring in An Organization

Order Description

* I just need you to write subtitle for each point and then answer it fully in bullet points not in an essay style.

* Don’t write referances in your answers just use your own words.

** You are required to write a briefing note for your management team in your organisation ( in 900 words max ), or one with which you are familiar, explaining:

* Your understanding of the concept of mentoring

* 2 purposes of Mentoring

* 3 key aspects of the Mentor/Mentee relationship

* 3 different models of mentoring and 2 relative merits for each

* When Mentoring is a suitable learning and development intervention, identifying 2 situations when Mentoring is suitable and 1 when it is not

* 3 potential benefits of Mentoring for the individual

* 3 potential benefits of Mentoring for the organisation

* 2 factors to be considered when introducing Mentoring to the workplace

* Analyse the role of the Mentor in the mentoring relationship.