Medical Law and Ethics, Ch. 7-8

Medical Law and Ethics, Ch. 7-8

Question 1 :

Read the following and post a response. Your response should be:

At least 200 words,
Grammatically correct,
Free of spelling errors,
Supported by direct quotes from both the text and a peer / credible source
Responsive to the questions posed.
After reading the chapter, review the case at the beginning chapter –The Case of Brian B. and the Medical File.

Then, answer these questions:
What else can Doctor K. do to meet his obligation to report a communicable disease?

What responsibility does the medical assistant, Amy, have relating to this problem?

How might Brian be encouraged to report his condition to his sexual partners?


Question 2:

In this chapter we read about various types of abuse. Lately in the press there have been several famous celebrities and sports figures on the ‘hot seat’ for allegations of abuse.

Discuss the various types of abuse.
Then, find and post a link to a local newspaper article that discusses an abusive situation (spousal, child, elder, or drugs) in your community. Do NOT use the mainstream famous celebrities!!
Write your thoughts on what could have been done to prevent the abuse described in the article from happening.
Discuss the role of the healthcare team in reporting abuse cases.
Your post should be at least 200 words and supported by the use of a credible / peer reviewed source AND the text!! It should be grammatically correct and free of errors.

Question 3:

What is EMTALA? Why is it important? How is it used? Misused? Be specific