Media Theory

Media Theory

Students are to write a reflective essay which uses theories from CMN2160 that they select in order to explain and reflect upon the significance of being able to use Wikipedia and create the assignment at hand. This reflection should demonstrate an understanding of theory and include and cite of 4 academic sources related to the theory or theories discussed. The sources are in addition to core course readings. The essay should be 12,200 words excluding references.


Note, when you are selecting theories to discuss think about their fit and appropriateness. For example, avoid trying to apply Harold Lasswell’s mostly useless Chain of Communication or Gerbner’s content-based cultivation theory to explain Wikipedia’s effects. Also, it is strongly suggested you avoid edited a “media theory” article and stick to a topic you have a stronger grasp over.

The academic rationale will be assessed based on how students use and demonstrate an understanding of theories from CMN2160 to explain and reflect upon the significance of Wikipedia and the assignment at hand. Included in this assessment will be the location and citation of 4 academic sources. When working on your reflection, please keep in mind that I favor a movement from theory/definition (textbook, supplementary readings, class discussion, videos) to your own words to a concrete example. In other words, make a clear reference to an accepted theoretical foundation, then explain it in your own words and then provide a concrete example to support your idea. Adherence to academic format and style and the use of proper spelling and punctuation will be assessed. This component must consist of at least 1200 words excluding references

Theories from CMN2160

Bandura: Social Learning
Lazarsfield : two step flow
McLuhan: Nature and consequences of media technology
Postman: Images and public life
Birkerts: Medium Theory in computer age
Carr : Is google making us stupid?