Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
When you open ‘ENB2OO – Project Brief- Sem 2 2013.pdf‘, there are two parts but ignore part 2, the only thing i need to do is part 1.

Project Resources (5 resources; civil, electrical, mechanical, medical and avionics)

The following folders provide you with a list of selected readings across each ofthe five disciplines which you can utilise as part of your literature review for your Project Part 1. You
may choose to utilise some, all or none ofthese readings for your assignment, but these are provided for you as an appropriate starting point to conduct your literature review for potential engineering systems in these disciplines. You are encouraged to read beyond these
provided readings and to search for additional literature.



Mechanical Engineering Design and Problem Solving

Shaw, Milton C. (2001). Engineering Problem Solving – A Classical Perspective..

William Andrew PublishinglNoyes.

Online version available at:
Engine Testing and Design
Martyr AJ. and Plint MA. (2007) Engine Testing: Theory Design and Practice, Butterworth-Heinemann.

Online version available at:

Racecar Aerodynamics

Katz, Joseph (01/0612006). “Aerodynamics of race cars”. Annual review of fluid mechanics

(0066-4189), 38 (1), p. 27.

Online version available at:

Energy Supply and Conservation Beggs,

C. Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation, Butterworth-Heinemann. Online version available at:

Electrical with attached files
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