Marriage in the Contemporary Times





Marriage in the Contemporary Times

Marriage and weddings continue to attract a lot of publicity. Many girls still dream of having an ideal wedding just like in the fairy tales. However, the rate of divorce is at an all-time high. Therefore, people wonder what has been causing this while marriages and weddings are still cherished. Research has shown that there is slight decrease in the number of youths who would like to get married. Most youths prefer freedom and non-commitment. Despite the liberal mentality, the same youths are ending up in marriages after finishing their education. This can be attributed to the community’s expectations. Therefore, people are getting into unions to create an impression and not to be happy.

Given that people are driven by social influence, the institution of marriage has suffered a myriad of setbacks. Currently, lust and other acts of infidelity are seen as a normal occurrence. People who do not indulge in these acts appear to be incomplete (Miller). The campaigns towards infidelity and debates on the same have continued to receive a lot of attention. Celebrities who cheat on their spouses receive titles and are said to be super stars. As a result, the institution of marriage has lost its former glory. In addition, it has come to the realization of the world that people sign marriage contracts. Some unions are given a period before they are dissolved. On the other hand, spouses have allowed each other to indulge in other relations outside marriage. This is an example of how rotten the institution of marriage is (Kurn). From this, we assume that marriage survives due to the need to please the society and not for the sake of those who are in it.

Given the negative attributes associated with marriage, it is not clear why many people continue to join this institution. In trying to understand the family and marriage, there are several hypotheses to be considered. Conventionally, one is supposed to complete a life cycle. Therefore, one is born, goes through education, gets a job, and finally gets married. This is followed by procreation (Kurn). Those who do not follow this route appear incomplete. As a result, marriages are a life cycle that has to be completed. It does not matter the pain and discomfort that one goes through as long as the cycle is complete.

Another reason that can be given for marriage in the current world is love. Despite the aridity and negative sentiments in the world on marriage, there are people who still believe in love. This group is rather negligible but it accounts to more than 60% of unions in the world today. These are individuals who have value for each other, show respect for the union, and cherish its substance (Miller). On the other hand, there are those who have joined the union due to reasons other than love. Research has proved that both men and women fall prey to cunning and social climbers. These are people who are only interested in the material wealth of those they claim to love. After a short time, these people seek for separations and divorce. In turn, they end up defrauding their unsuspecting lovers. This has forced men and women to insist on signing prenuptial agreements before marriage. On the other hand, the institution of marriage has lost faith and honesty as it has been highly commercialized.

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