Madonna Enthroned

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Choose ONE question from the following list to respond to. All of the works of art are in your textbook. Your response must be TWO full pages in length and include:

Include the vital statistics: artist name, title of the work of art, date, medium as well as dimensions – this information is located in the caption in your textbook.

MEDIUM is the material used by the artist to create the work of art.

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the question that i chose to be answered in the essay is below

Who is the focus of the painting by Cimabue, titled Madonna Enthroned? How does the artist create this focus (p. 283)?

Cimabue. Madonna Enthroned. ca 1280-90

Tempera on panel

12’7 1/2? X 7’4? (3.9 x2.2m)

Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

^^^this is the information in the book about the size of the painting.

below is the link to the painting