Lyme Disease

Here are the instructions for the Research Paper needed.
I would rather it be 5 pages long, with the exclusion of the title page and

Select a disease of either human or non-human origin and provide a description of the disease including the following information:

1.Definition – description of the disease

2.Etiology – cause or causal factors of the disease

3.Risk Factors – indicate what individuals would demonstrate a greater probability for contracting the condition; this could also indicate time periods (i.e., age, stage of development, etc.)

4.Mechanism of the Disease – what physiological and/or metabolic effects are occurring in the body (i.e., if the mechanism of action is still questionable or unknown, you will be rewarded for proposing a valid hypothesis that can be supported by knowledge gained from this course)

5.Signs and Symptoms – items that might assist in diagnosis of the disease

6.Secondary Complications – additional effects that might occur secondary to the primary condition

7.Prognosis – long-term direction, outcome of the disease, including the possibility of elimination or cure

8.Prevention/Treatment – possibility of avoiding, minimizing, or eliminating the disease (i.e., if there is no known treatment, you will be rewarded for proposing valid/innovative approaches that are supported by knowledge gained from this course)