Leading Self

Leading Self


Is being Self Aware distracting me from Coaching effectively and How can I manage this?

Self Awareness and the Management of these Distractions to Coach Effectively

The Journey of Self Awareness to Achieve What I Really Want

Exploration of Mind Maps, Self Awareness and the Challenges they pose in creating Well Formed Outcomes (This is the preferred choice)

1. What is my understanding of self awareness?
2. Do I think I am self aware?
3. How do I know this?
4. What are others perceptions of this? (Use the practical feedback)
5. What did the exercise generate as client: Feeling awkward, uncomfortable, pressured, emotional, loss of control. It was difficult to answer the direct questions; Visual and Auditory guidance had little effect.
6. What did the exercise generate as coach: Anxiety, confidence – at what point? limited, hurried, inability to help, hesitation, self conscious.
7. How are these distractions reflected in my behaviour? (Use practical feedback) and relate to rapport, sensory acuity, behavioural flexibility and outcomes.
8. How does that differ from my own perceptions of self awareness?
9. Does it effect my ability to communicate?
10. Would I struggle with a client who had less well formed outcomes? Why?
11. What insight does this give me?
12. How can I manage these beliefs / distractions? Will they impact positively or negatively on the client / coaching relationship?
13. Well formed outcome? What is it?
14. You can challenge your beliefs and perceptions in life?
15. People do things for a reason? there is a positive behaviour in all that we do so this means that even though some behaviours are ultimately destructive, we still d them because we have no other means of changing or adapting our behaviours.
16. Curious re: Maps of the World and do we know what being self aware is really about or do we just pretend?
17. Only you can take control of your life?
18. Reflecting on positive experience and resources where as the negative ones tend to take hold – it becomes a vicious circle
19. Relate to leadership models of Kouzes Posner and Emotional Intelligence
20. Need to be able to lead and direct the client? Aware of Maps of the World how people perceive things to be.

Compare: Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence
Kouzes & Posner Leadership Model
Maps of the World
Four Pillars of NLP
Beliefs & Values
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