Leadership Studies

Please follow very carefully and apply all quotations: The ideal career would be ” Human Resources Specialist ”

1- What is your ideal career/job?
2- How will your leadership be leveraged in this field?
3- What leadership traits and skills will you use in this career?
4- Clearly, you have more to learn in college, and in life but at THIS STAGE of adulthood, what do you want out of your career when you graduate?
5- What can you do NOW to help you achieve your career goals?
Remember, initiative is a critical aspect of leadership….YOU need to initiate ACTION! You are the one who holds complete responsibility for your career prospects.
6- what are you doing to LEAD yourSELF and your career?
7- How are you researching job/internship opportunities?
8- How many contacts have you made?
9- What types of positions are you interested in and how are you following up on these?