What area of leadership does this person best demonstrate? I have already figured out that he best
demonstrates transformational theory.

What models or theories could help to describe or explain his approach to leadership in his sport – you should
evaluate approximately 2-3 theoretical leadership models or theorists and provide an analysis of them.

1. Stodgill -Trait
2. Zaccaro – Trait ,
3. Hill’s Model for Team Leadership
4. Kouzes& Posner(Transformational)
5. Hersey & Blanchard (Situational)
6. House & Mitchell (Transformational)
7. Bass (Transformational)
8. Conger &Kanungo (Transformational)
9. Greenleaf (Servant)
10. Book, E.W , 2000 (Female)
11. Eagly& Carly,2003 (Female)
12. Hoyt, 2010 (Female)