Is there a relationship between adhesive capsulitis and DM

Project description
You MUST reference the statements throughout your case studies with a numbered reference (as per AMA guidelines). In professional writing, any statement you make that is not your own thought or opinion should be referenced.
When you answer the questions for the case studies, be sure to answer them SPECIFIC to the patient in the case. Please also pay special attention to the metabolic disorder and co-morbidities and include any and ALL precautions or modifications you would make for this patient. You must consider the patient as a whole. You need to demonstrate that you have a thorough knowledge of the metabolic disorder and the physical therapy implications.
dhesive Capsulitis with Diabetes Mellitus

– Is there a relationship between adhesive capsulitis and DM?
– What, specifically, would you expect to find in the subjective and objective portions of the physical therapy examination?
– This patient has a history of Ketoacidosis. What is this and what are the clinical implications?
– In terms of precautions, BE SPECFIC:
o Did you consider sensation testing? What are the clinical implications of sensation loss?
o Would you have concerns about this patient’s other risk factors due to DM (like micro and macro vascular disease)? How would you ensure it was safe to exercise with her?
o What exercise guidelines would you follow (frequency, intensity, time, type)?
o What effect does exercise have on carbohydrate metabolism?
o What blood glucose level parameters would you follow in terms of exercise (what levels are safe/ not safe to exercise)?
o Would you be interested/concerned with food and fluid intake before, during and after exercise?
o What types of exercise would have the most health benefits for a patient with DM?
o What are signs and symptoms you should be watching for (signs of hypo or hyper glycemia)? What would you do if you identified any of these signs and symptoms?