J.C. R. Licklider. We think we know the people behind the digital revolution, but in reality, we know the people standing on the shoulders of those who created the digital revolution.

For this paper you will be assigned a digital revolutionary and will write a three page biography of this person,  J.C. R. Licklider. Your assignment must include the following:

1.    Basic biography of where born, schools attended, places worked.
2.    Main claim to digital fame. Although most digital pioneers were doing many amazing things, and you can certainly mention them, each person you are assigned has one major claim to fame.
3.    A lay person’s explanation of this claim to fame. As you will find, most of the pioneers were Ph.D.s who worked on topics that are complicated. Your job is to put what was accomplished in lay terms for the average person to understand.
4.    How this achievement has contributed to digital media today.