International Finace in Wal-Mart Custom Essay

International Finance in Wal-Mart Introduction International finance has been a major boost for businesses world over to grow and dominate their sectors. Those businesses that utilize this facility end up being a major success internationally. The use of international finance means that the businesses have investments, cash flows and capital globally; this increases their chances of growth through investing in global markets. Global financial institutions such as; world bank, world trade organization, commercial banks have been responsible for funding business that have transformed to big businesses making volumes of sales globally. Wall-Mart gives a perfect example of a business that has utilized international finance to retain sustained growth and development. This paper tackles international finance and how it has enable Wall-Mart to grow beyond borders while still maintaining profits, it also answers the question how regulatory bodies affect financial decision-making. Wal-Mart Current Operations Wal-Mart does a lot of business on a global standpoint. Wal-Mart currently operates in 15 markets internationally.