International Business Managment

Company profile
Scope/Parameters of the report
Methodology used
Limitations of report

Industry Analysis
Identified the industry that the company is in
Provided statistics on the size and growth of the relevant industry
Identified the key locations for the industry in the target country
Identified segments/divisions within the industry

Market Analysis
A brief market analysis was conducted
Identified relevant segments
Items include: what market is the company trying to reach, size of the market, whether it is saturated or not, is the market growing, is it stable or volatile? The

importance of one segment over another (if applicable).

Competitor Analysis
Identified the key competitors in the industry/market relevant to the company
Provided a description of those competitors including their size, location, products/services, strategy, focus, opportunities and threats to the company
Identified the level of competition in the market
Identified whether the industry and market are attractive for making a profit

Conducted a SWOT analysis
Identified 3 to 5 internal key strengths and weaknesses
Identified 3 to 5 external opportunities and threats

From  the SWOT analysis developed a strategy and achievable goals
What – Identified the strategy chosen
Clearly identified which strategy the company will pursue in the target country including location
Why – Explained choice of the strategy using:
–    Environmental data from factors of Assignment 2
–    Industry/market and competitor data from Assignment 3
How- Articulated tactics to achieve those goals

Entry Mode
How – Clearly choose an entry mode(s), justified the choice and very briefly articulated why other modes weren’t chosen
Explained the entry mode and how it works for the company
Explained the resources and timeframe needed for implementation of the chosen entry mode

Clearly identified the structure that the company will need to achieve its strategy
Provided a diagram / chart of what this structure looks like for the company

Identified and explained at least 6 control measures that the company will employ for its operations in the target country
Controls linked to the company’s performance(only if applicable)

Functional Strategies
Identified an International Human Resource Management Strategy for the company
Identified an International Marketing Strategy for the company
Identified Financial Issues for the company relevant to entry mode chosen
– Financial issues for the particular entry mode(s) chosen: the FDI entry mode, the exporting mode, the Joint Venture mode and the licensing mode.
Note: we are looking for the ‘specific’ issues regarding the particular entry mode (s) chosen by you

Identified and explained the strategy the company might want to follow in the next five years