Review the power point slides. There are many topics in the study of intelligence that are a source of controversy. Select one of these areas of controversy below and write a three paragraph summary of the issues related to that controversy. Use at least one outside source in your summary, cite it in your summary, and supply the correct APA reference for that source.

• Paragraph #1 should summarize the issue. In other words, what is the source of the controversy? (at least 8 sentences)

• Paragraph #2 should summarize one or more research studies that have contributed to the knowledge pertaining to that controversy. For example, if the controversy is how IQ scores are used in school placements, I might include research on the misuse of children’s IQ scores when placing children in special education classes. (at least 10 sentences)

• Paragraph #3 should be your own thoughts on the controversy. You may include personal anecdotes and personal opinions, but keep your writing scholarly. Of course it is always good if your opinions are based on something you have learned from class or your outside source(s). (at least 8 sentences)

Choose one of these six controversies:

• Defining intelligence
• Uni-factor vs. Multi-factor views of intelligence
• How intelligence is measured
• The use of IQ scores to place children in schools (remedial, special education, gifted, etc.)
• The importance of EQ (Emotional Quotient). Is it more important to success than IQ?
• Cultural Bias in IQ testing