Industry Analysis in Rehabilitation & Health Sector And Company Analysis (Patterson Medical)

(i) In Rehabilitation and Health Sector Industry, Identify what entrepreneurial opportunities you see in that industry, including those arising from “Modularity” and “Disruptive Innovation”. [Two of the start-ups in the the rehabilitation and Health Sector Industry is Mujo ( and Patterson Medical (]
(To be written in 500 Words).

(ii) Analyze the strategy of the company “Patterson Medical (”. What Choices has it made in terms of its business model? What does it appear to focus on in terms of Advantage? (Activity system? Resources? Relationships? Agility?) How does it manage its key Relationships? What is its Vision as expressed through its statements about its strategy? What are its principal business units’ position in the product/industry lifecycle?
(To be written in 800 Words).

(iii) Make recommendations for the improvement or development of the strategy of Patterson Medical. Explain why you have made these recommendations with reference to course readings.
( To be written in 500 Words)