Inclusion in Education Position Paper Custom Essay

Commonly, children with special needs are those that require special attention may it be at home or school. Such children usually have some health complications that include epilepsy, autism, microcephaly and many others. It is because of these complications that special attention, care and services should be granted unto them, mostly at schools. However, there are those children who have special abilities; therefore also calling for special kind of attention as opposed to other students (Integrating students with special needs into mainstream schools, 1995). For instance, a student may have special capabilities that may require teachers to design an extra schedule for such students. Most of these capabilities are usually talents that teachers should help the pupil identify and consequently nurture it. However, special needs children, other than those with special abilities require more attention as compared to other students. This is because they are vulnerable and may have mild learning capabilities; therefore not performing well in their studies (Sacks, 2001