Implement the Banker’s algorithm.

Implement the Banker’s algorithm for deadlock avoidance, that works on a given set of N processes and M resource types (N<10,M<10). Use C/C++/C# or Java for the implementation, with a simple text interface, where the user enters only the name of the input file (text only). The program reads all the necessary input data from that file. The input data and result is then displayed on the screen. You may use your program to validate the example you gave in the Week 4 discussion. Deliverables: the source code + a screenshot of the program showing an execution example + the list of ALL available solutions for the Example posted in the Week 4 Discussions area. IMPORTANT: The grading scale for this assignment is all follows: – max score is 70% if you use a GREEDY approach (will find one solution, but not always). – max score is 90% if you use BACKTRACKING and find one solution only