Hospitality Critique Assignment Custom Essay

Abstract In the first article, Michaela Platzer shows the significance of tourism industry for U.S economy. He indicated congress’ role on developing tourism sector. However, policymakers have not been coming up with a common agreement on the convenient federal role for promoting tourism and travel. For example, Congress during 1996 stopped providing funds to USTTA (United States tourism and tourism administration). It was in 2009 when the congress enacted TPA act to promote U.S tourism. Michaela Platzer acknowledges that even though U.S still remains one of the best destinations of choice internationally, there is a lot to address for it to remain competitive. He talks about issues hindering foreign visitors to come to U.S, which should be addressed. He also talks about worker turnover as another concern that should be solved. Michaela Platzer emphasizes on sustainable programs that should put into place to develop and promote U.S tourism resource for it to remain the best. In the second article, Nejdet Delener presents some of the vital trends in the U.S travel industry.