History of Information Technology

Project instructions:
I will just copy and paste the guidelines here:

The purpose of this assignment is to further explore and understand how our present is rooted in our past. Many of today?s important decisions and news items have their origins in the era we are studying this semester. You should choose a topic that is current (within the last year) that is of interest to you and one that you can clearly illustrate its historical grounding and then present to the class.

This should be considered a research assignment, whereas you will need to do your background research and cite how your topic has its roots in the history of the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. This is not merely an op-ed write, but rather a short research write, with facts culled from research data you compile.
Paper Guidelines:
base it off of an article. begin the paper with and base the research off of. The link to the article I chose is: http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/16/world/europe/uk-us-mckinnon-extradition/index.html?hpt=hp_t3

write about information technology and systems and the different stages of it – mechanical, electromechanical, and then electronic (in first website below).
look at how advanced it is today with computers (at risk of being hacked with support from the article) and compare it to the beginnings of telecommunication within our country to other countries during wars- telegraph, morse code, telephone and radio.


What it meant and what it has turned into for our country in regards to communicating at a more current speed, and the security of our country.