Healthy Communities” movement values environmental health

Healthy Communities” movement values environmental health

The “Healthy Communities” movement values environmental health as one of the necessities for overall well-being: Parks, clean air, safe drinking water, and healthy food are among the basic rights that also include affordable housing, quality education, safe and secure employment at a livable wage, and accessible public transportation. Despite many of the environmentally responsible policies attributed to the Environmental Justice Movement, many communities of color still experience a disproportionate burden of ill health from environmental or occupational hazards. Many neighborhoods and communities are the dumping grounds for environmental toxins and hazards. Furthermore, select groups of workers are at increased risk of illness due to occupational exposures.

you will conduct a literature review and identify a community of color or low income community that is disproportionately exposed to an environmental or occupational hazard. Based on your literature review, you will write a paper that discusses the themes and topics below.

Please strictly follow the outline below.
a) Description of the community at risk from (dropdown pick state and city and you can see the info about particular minority group you are researching about mentioned in the articles)
1. Description of the geographic area
2. Environmental conditions
3. Demographic information
Introduce the community that is at high risk for the environmental or occupational exposure. This section should include a description of the geographic area (city, neighborhood, land uses), environmental conditions such as local air quality, and demographic information such as race, age, socio-economic status, occupation, and educational status.

b) Health statistics:
1. Health issues
2. Comparison to other communities/national statistics
3. Rates of disease linked to the exposure
4. Other relevant diseases
What are the health issues affecting the community at risk and how does the health of the impacted community differ from others? Compare the health conditions for the community at risk to the rates of other communities (neighborhood, city, and/or county) and the overall U.S. population. Include the rates of disease linked to the exposure of concern as well as other relevant disease (hint: think of potential confounding diseases/health conditions).

c) Influencing environmental and social factors:
1. Environmental and social factors influencing health
2 .Economics, government policies, cultural practices, geography, access to health care, and other factors
How do environmental and social factors influence the health of the community at risk? How do economics, government policies, cultural practices, geography, access to health care, and other factors influence the healthy well-being of individuals living in the community at risk?

d) Recommendations:
At least 3 recommendations, including 1 related to policy
What are your recommendations for how the environmental health problem can be alleviated? These should be connected to the problem and influencing factors. Include descriptions of at least three recommendations, of which at least one is policy related.