Global Business Context Custom Essay

When the business plan to expand and join international market, research has to be done to ensure that, the right country is chosen for this expansion. Very many factors have to be put into consideration especially the one that will affect the business directly and indirectly. Factors such as political factors, economic factors, social cultural factors, and technological factors, availability of the raw materials, availability of labor and its cost among other should be put into place first before starting any business. Market determination The business concerning making of the chocolate and selling based first on intensive research to come up with Saudi Arabia as the appropriate country to start the business. Before predetermining the country, a survey was conducted in very many-selected potential market that included Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. With the help and availability of the form of technology such as the internet, chambers of commerce in the respective countries’ embassies and market visits, the company researched on the potential area and the unexploited market and took its advantage.