The Goal: The purpose of the report is to discuss a critical problem in the GENRE of STRONG FAMILIES. This is a two part assignment:
“Critical Issue” and “Book Reference.” Your report must have two section headings: “Critical Issue” and “Book Reference.”

Critical Issue (approxiametly one well-developed paragraph in length): explain one characteristic of the STRONG FAMILIES GENRE. For example, specify that you will be discussing the necessary solitude of characters in the book called Wonder. You must define this characteristic. DO NOT EVEN MENTION THE TITLE OF THE BOOK YOU WILL DISCUSS IN THIS SECTION; just discuss the genre. Your goal is to 1) define the genre and then 2) go into detailed discussion of a single element of that genre: how does it work and why should we care?

Book Reference (two well developed paragraphs in length): Here is the section where you will introduce the title and author of the book you will discuss. Your will also give some short and specific literary analysis here. How do you see the critical issue present in this particular book?

I would expect to see one or two significant quotations and some paraphrasing of the text; however, do not write a plot summary. I have read the book five times already; I know what happens; you will bore me to death.
Really looking for three thoughtful paragraphs- one abstract and two close readings.


Examples of Strong Families—Characteristics of the Genre:
?Each protagonist explores an issue that affects the entire family
Children taking more responsibilities
Unity in the family
?Sense of security in the family
Biggest source of conflict is external to the family
Unselfishness is valued
Strong communication skills/everyone has a voice
Support one another
Affectionate & respectful discourse; trust
Each member contributes to the family
Non-judgmental acceptance of each other
No one gets left behind/abandoned