Extended Module Assignment

Extended Module Assignment

analyze ONE of the movies in the list attach and compare with the one concept listed also in the attach, it is a two page paper, NO need of titles page, with only the movie reference.

For this assignment, you will watch any one of the options listed below.  These films are accessible through your local public library,local video store, Netflix (if you have a subscription), huluplus (if you have a subscription), and some redbox locations:

?    Lost in Translation (2003)
?    My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
?    Slum dog Millionaire (2008)
?    Outsourced (TV show—several episodes available on Hulu
?    Crash (2004) (You can see clips of this film here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0A257D4A313223BE)

As you watch the film of your choice consider at least 4 of the following concepts from the textbook:
Voluntary Short Term Traveler
Voluntary Long Term Traveler
Involuntary Short Term Traveler
Involuntary Long Term Traveler
Culture Shock
Reverse Culture Shock
Encapsulated Marginal People
Constructive Marginal People
Individualistic orientation
Collectivist orientation
Power distance
Long term vs. Short term orientation
Co-cultural Group

In your response to the film of your choice please give an overview account of how the film addresses questions of intercultural communication and concepts. Then discuss four of the above concepts in-depth related to their presentation in the film you selected—give as much detail as possible for context and clarity.  Your paper should be organized, clearly written, grammatically correct, and full of thoughtful reflection.