Expectations of Waterford Retail Managers on the Implementation of RFID Technology in Retail Supply Chain Management

A.    Advantages/ disadvantages of RFID
Section A is to identify your company knowledge concerning RFID technology, expected benefits on the adoption of this technology and benefits of RFID

over Barcode
1.    How familiar are you with RFID technology?

o    Have never heard of it ( Refer to the above Document)
o    Somewhat familiar
o    Moderately familiar
o    Extremely Knowledgeable

2.    Have you ever seen RFID in operation in retail sector?

o    Yes
o    No

3.    RFID technology would provide additional value if deployed within the retail sector.

o    Strongly Disagree
o    Disagree
o    Neutral
o    Agree
o    Strongly Agree

4.    Rate the importance of RFID in retail industry?

o    None
o    Moderate
o    High

5.    Rate the impact of RFID on retail business?

Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree
Improve company image
Improve Stock Accuracy
Improve Customer Service
Cost savings
Product Security
Retail Efficiency
Staff Increase/ decrease

Indicate others

6.    Passive RFID tags costs between 0.03 – 0.12cents.  What would you see as the item price after attaching RFID tag?

7.    Rate the degree of expected benefits to be derived by your company from RFID adoption.
Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly agree
Improved Availability
Cost reduction
Transaction accuracy
Improved visibility
Improved supply chain planning
Sales improvement
Reduction of inventory

Indicate others

8.    What are the typical challenges of working in barcode environment?
Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree
Damage barcode
Direct line of sight required to scan items
Scanner needs to be physically near the barcode item
No read and write capabilities
Labour intensive; as product need to scan individually

Indicate others

9.     How would you rate the advantages of RFID over barcode?
Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree
RFID can read tags from greater distance
RFID tags do not need to be positioned in the line of site
RFID can both read and write
Minimal human participation
Scan multiple items
Better security
Indicate Others

10.     In your opinion, will RFID soon replace the barcode?

o    Yes
o    No

B.    Advantages/ disadvantages of RFID
Section B is to identify your company status in terms of implementing RFID technology.

11.    In your opinion what are the most compelling reasons to adopt RFID in your company?

Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree
Competitive pressure
Lack of product visibility
Out of stock problem
Inventory shrinkage
Lack of demand visibility
Replenishment cost
Indicate other

12.    To what extent do you consider the following to be key hindrances to RFID adoption?
Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Neutral    Agree    Strongly Agree
Lack of senior management support
Financial readiness
High cost of RFID infrastructure
System too complex for employee
Uncertainty on return on investment
Integration with other technologies
Change in business process
Indicate Other

13.    Can you please indicate the current state of RFID at your company?

o    Evaluating the possible use of RFID
o    Investigating to launch pilot plan
o    Currently implementing
o    Already fully implemented
o    Not planning to implement RFID

14.    At what product level is your company considering RFID adoption?

o    Item level
o    Case level
o    Pallet level
o    Container level
o    Other (please specify)

15.    When do you expect implementation to begin?

o    Immediately
o    Within the next twelve months
o    One to two years from now
o    More than two years from now
o    Not relevant

16.     As a retailer introducing RFID technology, would you require your supplier to also use this technology?

17.    What position (person) within your company is responsible for taking decision regarding implementation of technology?

18.    What do you see as the major possible pitfall in implementing RFID in to a retail business?


How do you think these potential problems could be avoided during the system implementation?

Your company name?

What is your role in the company?

How long have you been working for this company?

Company Name    Never heard of it    Somewhat Familiar    Moderately Familiar    Extremely Knowledgeable    Check    answered
Tesco Poleberry    1    0    0    0    1    TRUE
Tesco Ardkeen    0    0    1    0    1    TRUE
Tesco Lisduggan    0    1    0    0    1    TRUE
Tesco Tramore    0    1    0    0    1    TRUE
Tesco Ballbeg    0    0    1    0    1    TRUE
Supervalu Hypermarket    0    1    0    0    1    TRUE
Super Valu    0    1    0    0    1    TRUE
Centra    1    0    0    0    1    TRUE
Waterford Shopping     0    0    1    0    1    TRUE
Aldi    0    0    1    0    1    TRUE
2    4    4    0    10