Effects of Chemicals

Effects of Chemicals
This week you have been exploring the effect of chemicals in the environment on health. Visit the ATSDR Web site and choose an agent from the list of toxicological profiles. Next, using the two online journals presented on the Resources page (Human & Experimental Toxicology and Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology), find two articles that describe research on this agent: one with a toxicology focus and one with an epidemiology focus. If you cannot find two articles, you will need to choose a different agent.
Both of these journals are available in full text in the Walden library. To locate them in the library, select Academic Search Premier and enter in the journal title. After selecting the correct journal, click on search within this publication located on the upper right of the window, and enter in the agent chosen from the ATSDR toxicological profiles. Familiarize yourself with environmental toxicology and environmental epidemiology studies, and choose an article on each to discuss. Carefully review what comes up to make sure that the article fits the parameters of being primary research toxicology or epidemiology.

After selecting the articles:
•Identify the agent that you selected for research.
•Discuss the important exposure pathways for the agent being studied, citing sources, including ATSDR and any others you used.
•Give a brief description of the two studies. To describe a study, summarize the study aim, methods, results, and practical application of the information for each article, using your own words and citing as necessary.
•Provide a summary that describes the similarities and differences in the toxicology versus the epidemiology methods for studying this agent and what is gained from each.
•Include the complete references (in APA format) for the articles and sources you used.