EA-QUIP vs TREAT 3.2.5Custom Essay

A-QUIP versus TREAT 3.2.5 Abbreviations/Definitions TREAT ??“ Targeted Residential Energy Analysis Tools. EA-QUIP – Energy Audit using the Queens Information Package. TREAT is invented software intended for supporting programs for weatherization, energy auditors and constructing performance contractors. It is an all-inclusive energy analysis device which enables programs for weatherization to offer new foundations of worth to their clientele, with augmented program competence. This tool also enables auditors of Home Energy and contractors to: achieve fast and precise outcome, work out energy reserves for entity upgrading or pulling developments to interactive packages together, making models easily and faster by constructing element libraries, choose enhancements from libraries, sum up advancements to packages and by design computes benefits and SIR. The TREAT software program project is being funded by the Energy Research and Development Authority (NYERDA) in New York as a component of their initiative in constructing a Performance Market. It incorporates the analysis of fuel receipt, data for weather and putting together information for modeling to a database setting.