Do you think media coverage has given citizens a good understanding of the “anti globalization” movement?

– Complete a 2000–2200 word term paper on your chosen topic. You will be expected to address your topic using the conceptual framework developed in the course, within a relevant sense of history, and drawing on empirical evidence or legal evidence as required.

Criteria for Evaluating the Project Exam

-Whether your Open Learning Faculty Member agrees with the thesis or the conclusions is not a criterion that will affect your grade, so feel free to express your views and opinions.

The following criteria will be used for evaluating the project exam:

Integration ( 15 marks)
– Provides a clear theoretical and conceptual framework
– Demonstrates understanding of concepts of social diversity
– Understandable to an interdisciplinary audience

Creativity ( 15 marks)
– Illustrates a unique voice of the author
– Offers insight about a significant issue
– Shows risk in thought

Argument ( 15 marks)
– Convincing and well supported argument
– Good, convincing support for all ideas
– Reasoning is explained clearly and includes specific references
– Awareness of other interpretations and comparison with yours
– Realistic vision of the future