Discuss some potential barriers in motivating and engaging students in reading.

respond at least 150 words Some potential barriers in motivating and engaging students in reading is when you have a student that does not recognize the letters of the alphabet and cannot put letters together to form words. This will make it difficult for the students to want to read. The student will either shy away or avoid reading all in general.  I have seen it in the classroom many times. Encouraging struggling readers can be very difficult to deal with but as an an educator all we can do is motivate the students by allowing them to take it one day at a time. Having the student go over the letters and sounds using pictures, games, audios. Then once the student is comfortable then allowing him/ her with chunking letters together to form words. Moving forward to reading lower level books then adding until the students is comfortable. Praising the student will help build his/her self esteem. There are many other ways we can help the students overcome these barriers that they struggle with as long as we find something that will work best for them. This will help me overcome them.