Discuss Social Media Strategies.

A lotitemsa lotto notuniqueartistweb pagewhotheircustomerWhichisn’timprovedmediatogetherWhichregularlyFor this assignment, you will construct a social media strategy document (minimum of 1000-1200 words) that recommends to a specific client how to effectively leverage social media to brand their organization. You will present this report in memo format with appropriate headings–. Imagine you are writing from the role of a consultant offering advice and strategies to a real-world, local small business or nonprofit. Your report will be created for a real organization in the area, and one that does not have an active social media agenda or a very limited one; You will working for, posting for, or writing for that organization on . Because of our limited time, this is a classroom exercise. However, if this is a project you wanted to expand on for the future and actually work/interact with the organization, you should consider that as well. You will need to construct the following:An investigative report with your social media strategy. Your report must contain at least that you create and that help to further the reader’s understanding of the topic. Additionally, this report is research-based and should contain at least 4-5 references in APA format. Topics your report should address include:DUE DEC 5 AM