Discipline of Study

Discipline of Study

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he Discipline of Study

Richard Foster, The Celebration of Discipline

Many disciplines could be selected for review in Christian Faith and Life. This one is chosen because we often fail to see study as a spiritual

discipline. For that reason, some college and university students fail to make the connection between what they are called to do on a daily basis

(study) and growing as a follower of Jesus Christ. Fosters chapter on study helps us to see that disciplined attention is very much a part of the

spiritual life.

1. Why does study more fully bring about the purpose of the Spiritual Disciplines, which is the transformation of the individual? What does study do

that other disciplines may not do?

2. Foster affirms that the mind will always take on an order conforming to the order upon which it concentrates (63). Do you agree or disagree? Why?

As an experiment in studying yourself, respond to this question: What has been the most significant influence on your mind over the last year? Was

this intentional? Or did it just happen?

3. Identify and describe the four steps of study. Can you give an example of each of these; perhaps from study you have engaged in recent weeks or


4. Why does Foster suggest that study demands humility (66)?

5. You have read two books (in addition to the material read in the Bible) for this class. Think back on your reading of One.Life. Relate your

experience of reading that book to the three intrinsic and the three extrinsic rules for studying a book.

6. What is your reaction to Fosters comments on the need of Christians to read and study the Bible?

7. Summarize what you believe Foster is teaching regarding the study of Nonverbal Books. What ideas in this section do you find most appealing? Why?

Concluding note: The next time you are in a class that you consider less interesting or more challenging than you might presently choose, remember

this line Foster quotes from Alexander Pope: There is no study that is not capable of delighting us after a little application to it (76)