disaffirmance of contract


Matthew Green, age 16, signed a contract to buy a Camaro from Caruana Chevrolet. Matthew Green is the son of Mark
Green, a local businessman, well known by Caruana Chevrolet. The Green family lived about six miles from the
dealership. The Green family was friends with the Caruana family. Matthew Green lived about six miles from his school
and about one mile from his job and used the Camaro to go back and forth to school and to work.

When Matthew did not have the car, he used a car pool to get to school and to work. Matthew’s father occasionally
drove the car in a carpool with other parents and students. Several months later, the used car which Matthew
purchased became inoperable due to a blown head gasket and Matthew Green gave notice of his disaffirmance of the
contact to Caruana Chevrolet. Caruana Chevrolet refused to refund the purchase price.

Caruana Chevrolet had purchased this vehicle at auction for $2,500.00. The sale price to Matthew was $7,000.00.

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