Describe the morals of business.

 I already did the PART 1 of the homework don’t worry about it. The help I need is on the PART 2 of the homework and what you have to do is: – Divide them into Positive group and Negative group, how? Divide them with the information each one of them have (The 15 elements). For example: Number 1 is negative because making money is not the only moral of business.  So find out what are the other negative and put all the negative together and calculate the section mean of the negative group. Same thing on the positive: find out all the positives one and calculate the section mean of the positive group and then at the end  calculate the overall mean between the 2 groups.  After you finish with part 2: I need you to do an Essay Project that involves all information of the exercise. I need you to do an essay with the information of the 15 elements including the PART 1 and PART 2, please put some graphs on it because it is my Individual final Project