Consumer Behaviour Case Study: Hellman’s


“Marketing mix stimuli (including products, brands, advertisements, packaging, point-of-purchase display) are designed and managed to influence consumer responses. For a consumer brand of your choice explain how marketing mix stimuli are used to influence consumer cognitive, affective and behavioural responses.”

Notes from the student:

The consumer brand selected is Hellman’s (the makers of mayonnaise and sauces). They list some of their adverts on their website here:

I will attach a few files. The writer needs to have a look at them in order to fully understand the question and what is exactly required in this assignment. For example, I will attached the assessment criteria table, and the outline delivery of the module so that you know what has been studied in this module.

If there writer needs further information, I will also provide links to the lecture slides, and even audio recordings from the lectures and seminars.

Remember that this is about Consumer Behaviour, so things need to be looked at from the consumer’s perspective. There is quite a lot of advertising analysis (in addition to the rest of the marketing mix stimuli).

The assignment needs to be written from a UK perspective. So, if you wanted to compare prices with competitors for example, you would need to use a UK supermarket website such as

The terminology you use is very important. So, instead of saying “reason”, you would use “motivation”. Other terms such as perception, cognitive, affective etc.

If you use video adverts, reference the link using the Harvard method, and of course describe them before analysing them and applying the different theories.

Having said that, when it comes to advertising analysis, it is preferable to focus more on print adverts, not restricting yourself to those available on but also check online.

These adverts, you can either copy/paste them within the assignment’s body (with references) before analysing them, or you can include them as appendices, referring to them as Appendix 1 etc.

The writer can contact me if they have any queries whatsoever, whoever trivial they may seem – the important is please: if in doubt, do not guess, ask me.