Conditions suitable for Management Dissertation

Conditions suitable for Management Dissertation
Set out the conditions under which the topics listed below would be suitable for a Management Dissertation, or explain why they are not suitable.
Q1. How China can best compete with Europe in the next hundred years?
This topic is not suitable for Management Dissertation for several reasons. One, is because suppositions are appropriate for dissertation. The future cannot be vouched upon because of the factors that affect it such as revolution of technology, and economic and social factors. Another reason for the unsuitability of the topic is that, people cannot know the scope of business environment in a decade, let alone after a century.
Q2. The introduction of Enterprise-Wide Resource Management in my company
This also is not a suitable topic for management dissertation. When Enterprise-Wide Resource Management brings together the activities of the company there arises various problems such difficulties in customization; broad training substituting working time; when various departments of my company are linked together it brings about dependencies that are needless. Also, sharing vital information among the departments can change the focus of the management and high expenditures when switching from the previous to the Enterprise-Wide Resource Management.
Q3. Compatibility problems in my company’s computer network
In my view, this topic is unsuitable for management dissertation. This is because the benefits far exceed the demerits. When my company’s computer network there competence in different departments sharing similar files, application software and databases. With authorized users, the required information can be accessed (Brian, 2003). Errors can be avoided when the computer network is compatible because there will be efficient scheduled basis to cater for the all staffs that use the network as a source of information.
Q4. The effect of bonus schemes on staff turnover rates in the countries in which my company operates
This topic is suitable. It would create enthusiasm in the staffs, if its appealing, and if my company loses more of its staffs that it gains, it can be a vital tool in shaping positive turnover rates,
Q5. An appraisal of Microsoft Office compared with its competitors
It would be an unsuitable management dissertation. Factors that would make it unsuitable include unfair levels of criticisms against an organization, or similar competitors declaring themselves more successive than others (like say my company). This would have an implication as it may trigger a negative turnover rates and/or loss of profits.

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