Computers in our Lives and Educational Lives Custom Essay

Computers in our Lives and Educational Lives The computer has become an intricate part of our daily lives that imagining a day without it is really out of question. You will find the computer in virtually every sphere of our lives. In this fast paced modern life, the computer hold tremendous significance. The first computer that was invented was a desktop, and soon it became a household name but that was not the end, it was just the beginning. No later, the desktop was replaced by the laptop, and technology moved to the next level. Today we even have the Tablets. The use of either the desktop or laptop is predicated by the circumstance; while many people prefer to use a laptop because they can take it with them everywhere, especially for those who travel a lot, others prefer the desktop because a desktop has a large monitor. Today, the computer is an inseparable part of development and the world has accepted the inevitability of this gadget: homes, schools, companies, and banks. Computers have improved every part of our lives (Bolt, 18).