Computer sciences and Information technology High Level Architecture (IT)

Project description
Various types of technical architecture blueprints are typically required to help visualize technical requirements at the enterprise, application, data, and technology

infrastructure levels. These technical blueprints explain how technology supports a proposed business solution from a functional standpoint. They also provide a quick

way to represent the technical aspects of a business and outline the corresponding technical capabilities.

In this Assignment, write a 4- to 6-page paper that addresses the following:

1.Identify and document high-level technical requirements for the Adopt-A-Farm virtual business.
2.Based on these requirements, create blueprints for the information model and the system context diagram based on the examples in your readings. You can use Visio,

the Shapes and SmartArt features within PowerPoint, or any tool that provides the ability to create and manipulate shapes to create your technical architecture

3.Identify one additional applicable blueprint type. Then, create the blueprint you identified, and explain why you selected it.

Here are two references to use. Add an additional reference

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