Compare 4 Books

Respond to what appears below:

Dealing with different times and places, Silver, Lui and Avila all offered explanations for why one group of Americans came to see certain other Americans as fundamentally different from themselves, as “the other,” people so fundamentally different that treating them harshly—sometimes very harshly—could seem justifiable, even necessary.  All three authors explained the “othering” as having little directly to do with those people who were treated as “the other,” but instead as the result of what the people who  did the “othering”  were experiencing at the time or had experienced previously.  Examining some aspects of contemporary American life in The Politics of Denial,  Milburn and Conrad’s explanation of very harsh treatment of one group by another is similar in its focus to the focus of Silver, Lui, and Avila.

Explain what the final sentence in the paragraph above means, and then evaluate the approach that Milburn and Conrad take and the conclusions that they reach.

You should quote very sparingly from the books themselves.  Of course whenever you quote from someone else, you must place the passage you’re quoting within quotation marks.  You should strive to make your essay as creative and original as possible.  Whenever you are using the ideas of others in your essay, even if you are not quoting directly from someone else, you must mention whose ideas you’re relying upon.