Comparative essay – Alienation (mordern vs post mordern short stor Custom Essay

The Theme of Alienation in Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” and Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” Alienation refers to a state of being socially, psychologically, and even spiritually unconnected to other members of a community, family, or friends. Alienation presents a situation whereby the individual is an outsider or an outcast from the mainstream social circles. In literature, alienation mainly refers to the psychological and social isolation of certain characters from the rest. In addition, alienation can result from a character’s own shortcomings in interacting with the rest of society, and therefore is responsible for their alienation rather than being victims of negligence or discrimination in social groups. Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” portrays alienation of this nature, in that the narrator experiences alienation as a result of his narrow outlook on life and lack of compassion for others