Communication Problems at Workplace Custom Essay

Communication problems at workplace Introduction For business to succeed there must be good communication between employees and their managers. However, it is only by the company recognizing problems that are affecting them, that they can be able to solve and move forward and in order to solve, there must be effective communication. Individuals should be able to talk in an engaging tone in workplace to make sure that everybody takes part in the discussion (Wanguri, 1996). Lack of proper communication among employees is a major cause of other problems in workplace. This is because, if employees are not communicating, they can not be able to interact and help each other to solve problems. Success in workplace depends on the level of interaction between employees and their managers. Communication enables the employees to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each other and lack of it leads to low productivity and lack of trust. In terms of gender, women communications are warm and moderate and men’s communication are dominant and task oriented (Carli n.d).