Success, Inc is a stature of integrity that requires maintenance of high legal and ethical practice in our day-to-day activities. Directors, officers and employees of this stature must conform to this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code of Ethics”) and all who act on behalf of Success, Inc adjust accordingly to live up to Success, Inc standards and goodwill; which are based on integrity, ethics, respect and an illustrious tradition of honesty and accountability.

Foundational legal and ethical instructions of all Success, Inc are stated in the Code of Ethics to the directors, officers and employees generally without considerations of job level or geographic location.

Even though the Ethics Code does not have a statute for each and every activity carried out by the Directors, officers and employees, it gives a framework on which they can lay their work. Abiding by the Code of Ethics is an obligation to all of us being led by example by our leaders, the Directors and Executive Officers, to observe the Code by the spirit of its creation and to the letter. In case of controversies emerging from its application to certain legal suits, the Legal Department should be consulted to give direction. However, it is the mandate of the Board of Directors to interpret and apply the Code of Ethics. Those who violate the Code of Ethics are bound to face disciplinary action which may involve penalties like; termination of employment for officers and employees while Board Directors may be eliminated from the Board.

Provisions for amendments or modifications to the Code of Ethics state that it is only the Board of Directors who can make additions, omissions or alterations to the Code. On the other hand the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee may grant waivers to Directors and Executive officers as may be appropriate to the Code of Ethics. Waivers, including implicit ones are applied under the influence, guidance and interpretation of other related laws and regulations.


  1. Our Obligations under the Law

We must do our part to fulfill Success, Inc commitment to comply with all applicable laws.

Success, Inc requires that all Directors, officers and employees should respect and adhere to the laws that govern its business operations across the globe. Observe the laws of the provinces, states and other local jurisdictions from which Success has business establishments. Attempts to hinder or jeopardize investigations being conducted by ourselves, the government or regulatory agency are hereby warned. Any legal interpretations and applicability issues on our various business chains can be resolved by the Legal Department.

– “Executive Officers” include the chief executive officer; the president; the chief financial officer; the principal accounting officer or controller; each vice president in charge of a principal business unit, division, or function; the treasurer; the secretary; or any other officer who performs a policy making function; or any other person who performs a similar function for Success, Inc.

  1. What we owe our Corporation

Our engagement to Success, Inc business is to thrive to attain and maintain the standards together with the objectives of Success.

Success, Inc Policies

Each of us is responsible to abide by all applicable written Success, Inc policies and guidelines, including Success, Inc Entity Level Policies. Success, Inc Entity Level Policies applies to all Success, Inc Directors, officers and employees regardless of geographic location or job position.

Success, Inc Policies

It is our responsibility to implement all stated Success, Inc policies and directives, as well as Success, Inc Entity Level Policies; which are applicable to all Success, Inc Directors, officers and employees despite their geographic location and positions held.



Antagonistic Interests

Directors, officers and employees are cautioned against having private exploits that portray the individual as a competitor of Success, Inc. “Conflict of interest” usually occurs when the extractors of benefits who may be individuals or companies compete to extract benefits from the same resources at the same time. Actions that hinder or reduce the chances of Success finding its interest are in conflict. These antagonistic interests may hinder performance of our duties to Success, Inc or increase the operating costs of Success, Inc. Interests are in conflict if a person or a party affiliated to us receives or obtains or extorts improper individual gains derived from Success, Inc position, no matter who pays the benefits; a third party or us. A conflict of interest arises when the individuals engaged to Success obtains loans from Success or acts as a surety for a family member or transfers obligations to a guarantor. By application the law does not allow Directors and Executives to obtain a loan from Success, Inc.

It is Success, Inc policy to disallow conflict of interest though there are provisions which allow the Board of Directors or committees of the Board to provide guidelines to an individual who notices existing potential or arbitrary conflict of interest situation against a position he/she holds with Success, Inc, should give notifications appropriate to procedures laid down in Part 7 of the Code of Ethics. They would thereafter be advised accordingly to withdraw from the situation where it cannot be resolved. In case of a Director where the conflict has no solution, the requirements suggest that he/she must draft a resignation notification and request the Board’s Chair of his/her intentions to depart.

Corporate Opportunities

We are not allowed to (a) change to our private benefit opportunities that were meant for Success, Inc or that are found through the corporate resources, intelligence or position; (b)use corporate assets, information or position for private earnings; (c) rivaling Success, Inc. To thrive and strive to meet Success, Inc goals is our obligation which we must attend to wherever we are granted the opportunity as Directors, officers and employees.

Protection and Proper Use of Success, Inc Assets

Assets belonging to Success, Inc have to be utilized efficiently and be secured from theft, improper and wasteful usage which has a direct effect on the profitability of Success, Inc. All Success assets should be invested only in authorized activities that benefit the corporate. Whenever a Director, officer or employ is interested in deploying Success, Inc assets to charitable or professional deeds then they must seek permission from the Board’s Chair (if the person is a Director or Chief Executive Officer) or the Legal Department ( for other officers and employees).


Success, Inc requires that we keep confidential sensitive information given to us by the corporate, its suppliers or customers until the Legal Department approves the release of such information in accordance with the existing laws. Sensitive information may refer to all confidential material that may be used to the competitive disadvantage of Success, Inc.

They could be harmful to Success, Inc image and its business partners if exposed. This kind of information may link to finances, processes, plans and methods. The cost of such disclosure can be determined by the Legal Department and we are encouraged to consult if we think it is compelling to reveal the information to the public. The Department would then carry a feasibility test to see what Success, Inc would incur by releasing the information. Some cases of legal obligation may require the individual to give whatever information he/she has like in investigations, Success would require that the person cooperate where the person has good faith of abuse of Success, Inc policies or laws of the land.

Accounting and Auditing

All transactions of funds, receipts, assets and dispatches related to Success, Inc must be recorded and the records maintained in comprehensible details. The book keeping must adhere to conventional financial reporting and accounting laws and standards also to Success, Inc system of internal controls. Disciplinary action would follow those who seek to deprive Success accounting system of authenticity during auditing. Persons with issues regarding the accounting processes; internal and auditing, should forward their questions to their supervisor or any senior member of the management team such as the Chief Legal Officer & Senior Vice President, Business Development to the Success, Inc Compliance Hotline, or to the Audit Committee via interoffice mail (or regular mail or any method of posting, addressed to the corporate headquarters address of Success, Inc) in a sealed envelope labeled “Private and Strictly Confidential—Attention: Chair of the Audit Committee of Success, Inc”. The Compliance Hotline number delivers through the website. In such a case an employee who would like his/her identity withdrawn from the rest can request, it would be carried out according to applicable laws. When it comes to senior members having financial issues, Directors and officers, they are required to table them with the Audit Committee’s Chair.

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