City of Franklin

City of Franklin, Oh

I chose “City of Franklin, Oh” in this research


There are three resources that consider very important:
2- City of Franklin Inventing our Future, 2014 Budget (I uploaded it)
3- A Budgeting Guide for Local Government, Author: Robert L. Bland,
ISBN-13: 9780873267670, ISBN: 0873267672, Edition: 3.
Also, I hope and you can add other resources almost 2 or 3. and you can use these websites as resources if they are suitable:

In addition, please, add charts that show the revenue and expenditure in Franklin City during 2014.

Budget Report (Web Based):

You need to organize the report in terms of the following sections. The sections need to be clearly numbered and appropriately titled, along with a cover page with an appropriate title of the project and your name. The budget report is to be based on your research in the internet and library either on a government or a non-profit entity. Provide accurate citations of the documents and websites you have used in this study.


You have to write about these points:

Section I:

(a) The types and purposes of the expenditures used by the entity.

(b) The degree of importance of the expenditure categories (as % of total expenses).

(c) The expenditures that consume most of the revenues and how to track them.

(d) The democratic purposes that the expenditure allocations serve.

Section Il:

(a) The governmental functions that a particular department budget supports.

(b) The revenues and expenditures that support the department functions.

(c) The performance measures that can enhance the department functions.

(d) The democratic purposes that the department functions support.